Former Herald Owner Dies



Former Sauk Centre Her­ald Publisher Helen Kather­ine “Kay” Ogle passed away Nov. 26 after a long battle with Alzheimer’s. Ogle was the wife of journalist Allan Ogle. The couple moved to Sauk Cen­tre in 1952 and purchased the 

Sauk Centre Herald in 1964 and owned it until 1972 when they sold to publisher Don Griswold. Griswold even­tually sold the newspaper to Dave Simpkins in 1988. Simpkins is still publisher with four other partners.

Ogle played an integral role in the newspaper for the eight years.

“Mom ran a lot of the business side of things,” said Barbara Ogle, one of three daughters who helped run the newspaper on a weekly basis. “She did a great deal of the paste up and helped dad some with articles.”

The last year they owned the paper, Helen ran it by her­self after Al had suffered a heart attack. Barb Ogle recalled the days of the late 60s and early 70s. “It was a time of great change in society and tech­nology,” she said. “When they bought the paper it was a linotype press. There were presses in the basement that took up the entire basement. It was a messy process, but it was a lot of fun. It was fun to see those presses going.”

Barb and her sisters, Susan and Nancy (Wurtzel), were often called upon to help produce the paper each week. Every Saturday their mother would call on them for a “couple hours” of job work.” “But we knew we would be there the entire day,” she said. Barb recalled the one night when a heavy snow­storm hit. Everyone in town left early to get home, but it was deadline day for the Ogles and they had to get the paper out the door. They lived on Fourth Street on the north end of town. “It was a really bad storm,” she said. “I remem­ber dad made it to the turn by where the Polipnick In­surance building is now and there was a huge snowdrift. We were still three long blocks from home. Dad gunned it and we got stuck. Somebody stopped and pushed us out and we gunned it again and got halfway home before we got stuck for good. We walked the rest of the way, but it was whiteout conditions. Mom’s foot got stuck in the snow and she lost her boot. We weren’t sure if we’d make it home, but we got the paper out! Come hell or high water that newspaper was always out. They never missed a deadline!” Helen Ogle died at age 92 in the comfort of her daughter Nancy’s home in St. Louis Park. She was preced­ed in death by her husband, Allan, who passed away in 1999. Her full obituary can be viewed on page 4.


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