Foreign exchange student Emil Lindfors scored twice in Tuesday's 6-2 win, but this might have been his best play of the night.
At the Melrose Bowling Alley on December 6, employees of Star Publications, including the Dairy Star, Sauk Centre Herald, Melrose Beacon and Albany Enterprise, celebrated 2014 with a... More
Madi Greenwaldt hit one of her three 3-pointers on the night as Morris was inching closer to Sauk's lead in Tuesday's high-scoring affair. Greenwaldt drained the three to give Sauk an 88-81... More
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Here is the final play in the Streeters' game two win over Osakis. After being down 23-14, they scored 10 unanswered points and eventually won 26-24.
Streeters defeat Osakis 3-0 with epic comeback in game two. Down 23-14, Streeters score 10 straight points and end up winning 26-24. They followed with an easy 25-7 win in game three to... More this was a close call. Not sure what they were hauling Tuesday afternoon, but they almost took out the bridge at the viaduct.
The Streteers defeated Melrose 3-0 Tuesday night, giving then a half game lead in the WCC North standings,.